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Recycle your old phone Welcome to limbophones, your portal to a new phone
envirofone - cash for your old mobile phones

Make the most from your old mobile: Recycle it for cash.

Did you know that there are now over 80 million old mobile phones lying around in drawers and cupboards in the UK alone?

envirofone has come up with a great way for you to do something about them - turn them into cash free of charge!!

We reccommend envirofone above other phone recycling companies as they tend to be amongst the highest in terms of cashback and one of the bigger more trusted names in phone recycling, below is a tool for looking up the levels of cashback provided by competitors, this also includes some popular electronics which some other recycling companies accept and will provide cashback for.  Simply look up the make and model of what you need to recycle and you will see what companies take them and the ammount of cash they will pay you for recycling your item. - cash for your old mobile

envirofone - get cash for your old mobile