Mobile Screensavers Screensavers for your mobile


A screensaver is like a moving logo, that will appear on your display when your mobile is not used for a while. We have all sorts of screensavers in several categories. Do you want a real driving car, a cute dog licking your display of a man making funny faces at you? Then choose your own cool screensaver! We have cool screensavers that will brighten up your mobile! The screensavers are moving images that will appear on your mobile if you don't use it for a while. You can choose how soon you want your screensaver to be active. The screensavers are not for every mobile, so please check our supported phones section for compatibility


To find the Screensaver  that you are looking for, firstly select your category from the choices in the left menu bar, then the pictures shown within that category will be displayed below, so that you can see what your screensaver will look like on your phone.  

To order your screensaver, please click on the picture that you like, and a popup will open asking you to finalise your order..

To order a screensaver for your mobile after you have found the picture you desire, click on the picture that you wish to order, and a screen will popup asking you to finalise your mobile content order.  Simply follow the on screen instructions until completed.  We have a variety of payment methods that you can use.  Choose the one that suits you best, and then wait for your screensaver to be delivered.

If  after 24 hours your content still hasn't been delivered to your phone, please review our Online support section   where you should be able to find a solution to your problem.