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A Group logo is a logo that you set for a group of people/numbers in your mobile phone. Say you have made a group in your phone for your friends from school. This group of people can all have the same logo, so that when one of them calls you, you will see the logo and know who’s calling!  With the Group logo you can give all your friends’ phone numbers the same logo in your mobile phone, this logo will appear on your screen when one of them calls you! You must be able to set groups in your phone to use these Group logos, please check our supported phones section for more details.


To find the group logo  that you are looking for, firstly select your category from the choices in the left menu bar, then the pictures shown within that category will be displayed below, so that you can see what your logo will look like on your phone.  

To order your group logo, please click on the picture that you like, and a popup will open asking you to finalise your order.

To order a logo after you have found the one you desire, click on the picture that you wish to order, and a screen will popup asking you to finalise your mobile content order.  Simply follow the on screen instructions until completed.  We have a variety of payment methods that you can use.  Choose the one that suits you best, and then wait for your group logo to be delivered.

If  after 24 hours your content still hasn't been delivered to your phone, please review our Online support section   where you should be able to find a solution to your problem.